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Having a Cat Can Save Your Life- Health Benefits of Having a Cat

Health Benefits of Having a Cat

It will come as no surprise that we live in a hectic, stressful world. As adults, we are plagued with high blood pressure, heart disease, and other deadly health problems. Stress is climbing the ranks of killers. What can we do to combat it? Most likely, you are already familiar with exercise and diet, and you either embraced them or not. However, have you ever looked into the health benefits of having a cat?

In 2015, I was diagnosed with … Read the rest

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5 Purrfect Cat Websites for Cat Lovers

Cat Websites for Cat Lovers

Being a cat lover puts us in a unique tribe. We search the internet for like-minded people, often to end up on sites that do not meet our high expectations. That is why I have taken the time to find 5 purrfect cat websites for cat lovers.

As you can tell from my site, I am a cat lover. I have been one for many years now. It is essential for me to connect with other cat-loving people. As discussed … Read the rest

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Top 10 Gifts for Cat Lovers – Not Another Figurine

Top 10 Gifts For Cat Lovers

The problem with being a cat lover is that people think you want every dollar store cat figurine under the sun. There might be that random person that does, but most people want to cultivate their collections. So, I have scoured the internet to find the top 10 gifts for cat lovers that they will love as much as they love their feline companion.

These gifts are not just another resin made figurine but presents that come from the heart. … Read the rest

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Online Dating For Cat Lovers- Finding Your Purrrfect Match

Online Dating For Cat Lovers

Seventeen years ago, I met my human soulmate. It was a fast romance. We dated for a total of 3 weeks before getting engaged than were married three months after that.

Often over the years, we have made the statement, “We should have gotten to know each other better before we got married.” I am not sure it would have made any difference, but maybe. Back then, there were no sites dedicated to specialized dating. I could not just find … Read the rest

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Personality Traits of Cat People- Are You a Crazy Cat Lady?

personality traits of cat people

It may seem crazy that our preferred pet can have any relation to our personality traits, but numerous studies have proven it to be true. So, what does that mean for us? Does that mean that us, cat lovers, are doomed to be a crazy cat lady? Not at all. There are four dominant personality traits of cat people.

  1. Introverted
  2. Open
  3. Easily Stresses
  4. Curious

I will discuss each of these … Read the rest

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About Dovey

Dovey LaPee

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Dovey, and I am a crazy cat lady. Well, in fairness, I am a crazy animal lady. More on that later.

What is Cat People Jewelry?

Cat People Jewelry is the combination of two of my passions, cats and jewelry. It is a place where other cat fanatics or the people who love them can go to find reviews on the best cat-themed jewelry the online world has to offer.


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