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The Cat and The Beach – Tips For Taking Your Kitty

the cat and the beach

Warm sand, plenty of sunlight, breathtakingly blue water; it is just you and your kitty. Images of you and Fluffy spread out on a beach blanket catching some rays light up your daydreams. I mean, after all, dog owners get to enjoy the beach with their puppies why shouldn’t cat lovers enjoy the same privilege. We can enjoy the same pleasure, and I have just the tips for the cat and the beach.

There are going to specific items you … Read the rest

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Pet Cremation Jewelry Keepsakes – Carry Them With You Always

pet cremation jewelry keepsake

We are in love. Not you and I, but we are in love with our kitties. They have become our children, our confidant, and our family. We have stayed awake at night to make sure they are ok. We have worried about them when we were away. We may even have fought to keep them. Now, they are gone. You and I have both faced what to do with the body of our best friend after they have left this … Read the rest

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Cat Breeds That Like Water – They Do Exist

cat breeds that like water

We all know that dogs love water. The internet is full of images of dogs splashing, swimming, and generally joining into the family water sports. But what about cats? Are all cats hissing scratching messes when introduced to water? No, there are cat breeds that like water.

Join me on a fabulous journey as we explore the breeds that break the stereotype. There are some other breeds that like water, I did not include them in this list. That is … Read the rest

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Cats and Vacation -The Summer Conundrum Solved

cats and vacation

It is summer. The kids are out of school; you saved enough vacation time at work; it is time to flee from everyday life and enjoy some family time. There is just one furry little issue. What in the world are you going to do with the kitty while you are on vacation? Cats and vacation can create a severe problem.

But do not fret too much about it. I have you covered. I have laid out your options and … Read the rest

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The 5 Best Tips For Adopting A Shelter Cat – Save A Life

Tips For Adopting A Shelter Cat

Approximately 3.4 million cats enter a shelter every year, according to So if you are thinking about enhancing your life by getting a cat, then adopting could save a life. Adopting a pet does come with its own set of obstacles, but with these tips for adopting a shelter cat, it can go smoother. A more effortless transaction will benefit both you and the newest furry family member.

Congrats! Your life is about to change. You are about … Read the rest

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Pawzaar – More Than Just a Store


I am trying something new today. I have decided to write a review of a quaint little eCommerce website I came across in my research. The store is called Pawzaar. In short, it is a place that you can go to get pet-themed gifts.

The site is full of unique and fun products; including jewelry (my favorite), accessories, bags, apparel for both us, cat people, and dog people as well. Lucky you if you fall into the general animal … Read the rest

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Famous People Who Love Cats AKA Famous Cat Lovers

famous people who love cats

I am a crazy cat lover, and sometimes I can feel alone. The feeling caused me to do some research on famous people who love cats. I learned that we are not alone; there are many famous cat lovers throughout history. This list is by no means all the famous people throughout history who loved cats. Just a few, I hand selected based on my personal preferences.

Feel free to go through the list.

Famous People Who Love

Katy Perry

Who they are/were:

Katy … Read the rest

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14K Gold Cat Jewelry- Top 10 Purrfect Gifts in 2019

14k gold cat jewelry

Is there anything more elegant than gold. Gold is not just a gift but an investment. It is true that gold comes in different karats. 14k means that about half the metal is gold creating the yellow color. If you are looking to give your cat lover a truly unforgettable gift, then 14k gold cat jewelry is the way to go.

I have, once again, been on the search for … Read the rest

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Pictures of Cat Breeds- Destress Now

I love anything, cat! When I am at work, and I can not break the stress by petting my felines, I always look at pictures of cat breeds. Seeing the difference in the kinds and cluttering my desk with images of these sweet babies work wonders at loosening my shoulders and slowing my heart rate. It is wondrous how the true cat lover enjoys looking at pictures of cats. It does not have to be our own.

If you are … Read the rest

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Top 10 Necklaces of 2019 – Sterling Silver Cat Jewelry

Sterling Silver Cat Jewelry

One of the most significant ways we express the love for our animals is to wear images that honor them. Jewelry is a beautiful way to show your own unique style. I have found the following sterling silver cat jewelry.

These pieces are unique and fun. They will display without a doubt that you are genuinely a cat lover. Each item featured on this page would make an unforgettable gift for the cat lover in your life. So, please take … Read the rest