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Hiking With A Cat – It’s A Real Thing

Hiking With A Cat

I love writing about the wild adventures you can have with a cat. People are always doing things with dogs but never with a cat. Well, phooey on that, I say. Cats deserve to get out of the house as well, and as we learned in my article ‘Can Cats Love Humans‘, cats have a desire to be with us. So, why not go hiking with a cat.

Now, why on earth would you want to take your cat? Well, you mean, besides the fact that you love them. Cats need exercise just like humans, or dogs for that matter. It is not healthy for a cat to be couped up in a house all day long. Just like us, they need fresh air and sunlight to remain in optimal health.

While it is true that hiking with a cat will come with a set of challenges, it is also rewarding. We will cover all the obstacles and discuss the musts before you and Mr. Smellnlick get hiking.

The Training

The first thing you will want to do is train your cat to walk on a leash. Now, if you have already done this then great, you can skip the next paragraph and keep reading.

If you have not yet trained Ms. Poutyface to walk on a leash, then you will need to do that before taking her hiking with you. I have found a helpful website that will assist with training your cat. If you a more of a visual learner. Check out the video below, and I will see you on the other side.

The experts agree that you should start off slow. Take your cats for several walks to allow them to get used being out. It will also let you see if your cat would enjoy hiking or not. Just like people, not all cats are built the same.

According to my research, your cat is going to get tired faster than a dog would. If you are planning a longer hike, you are going to want to take along a way to carry them. My recommendation, use a kitty backpack. I first learned about these little buggers while writing my article ‘Cats and Vacation‘; which has alternatives if you decide that kitty should not go hiking with you after all.

Getting Ready

There are things you are going to need to do to get ready for the hike. We have already discussed two of them, training and getting a carrier. But there is more.

You are going to make sure you pack enough clean water for both you and General Lickity as well as food. Make sure that you have bowls to put both the water and food in when you stop to take a break.

You will want to ensure that your pet is up to date on their current vaccines. It is a good idea to visit veterinary that specializes in cats to make sure that your cat is healthy enough to go on this adventure.

Hiking With A Cat

Do not forget to pack cat-specific sunscreen and cat safe bug repellant. Yes, you need an exclusive bug repellant when taking your cat into the wild. Another useful item to have is a pet-specific first aid kit. Now since these are not everyday items that most people know about, I have taken the liberty to find a couple of highly recommended ones.

Last, make sure you have a way for Madam Highjinx to do her business. Some people bring a folding litter box, which is a good idea if this is going to be an overnight adventure. However, poop bags are fine if you are out for the day. It is always a good idea to remove your cats waste as it could be harmful to wildlife; not to mention it is polite to other hikers who do not want to step in your cat’s nuggets.

Be Aware

There are dangers in the wild. Your cat can become the target of predators. You want to make sure that you have a plan in place if a threat should occur.

You will want to ensure that your kitty is wearing their collar with your current information engraved on it. Please, make sure the rabies tag is attached as well. If the people who find your animal suspect that the cat was exposed to rabies and there is no tag, the consequences could be dire.

If you have not done so by now, chipping your cat is another excellent idea. Chipping your animal allows the chip to be scanned so the rescuer can get your information and return your beloved. Collars can always come off, but the chip is a permanent way to make sure that you and your cat can quickly be reunited.

Educating yourself on warning signs about health issues like heat struck is another must. It is vital that you can recognize these elements and know-how to treat them. Petmd is a great resource to learn about potential risks.

Now that you are aware, packed, and have a trained cat that loves walking on a leash, you are ready to start hiking with a cat.

It’s A Real Thing

Some of you have read this article, and you still do not believe that this is a real thing.

“Dovey,” you say, “there is no way people are hiking with a cat.”

Hiking With A Cat

Then I would be forced to tell you about Tuxie. Tuxie is indeed a hiking cat. Tuxie hikes with his master, the HikingDiva as she is known on Instagram. Tuxie is a beautiful black and white kitty that can hike up to eight miles a day. To learn more about Tuxie, you can check out an interview done by Gear Junkie.

And there are more hiking kitties out there. Here are some that are worth mentioning.

  • Fred. Fred went with her owner when he decided to do a backpacking with your cat challenge.
  • Finch who goes camping and hiking with her owner, Chris Brinlee Jr, you can read about their adventure here.
  • Honey Bee is a blind kitty who likes to go hiking.

Hiking With A Cat Is A Real Thing

So, the next time you are planning a trip, at least think about taking your furry friend along with you. There are benefits in it for both of you.

If you think that maybe a beach vacation would be more your speed, guess what! I wrote a post on that as well called ‘The Cat and The Beach.

I think it is wrong that dog owners get to have all the fun. I enjoy being with my cat as much as any dog owner enjoys being with their dog. It is time we level out the playing field, and make this a cat-friendly world as well.

Have you ever went hiking with a feline? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know what your thoughts on taking your cat on a hike.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Until next time, be the light in the world.

~ Dovey

12 thoughts on “Hiking With A Cat – It’s A Real Thing

  1. I think hiking with a cat is a great idea! I have some indoor cats, and they definitely could use more exercise. Thanks for laying out the steps that are needed to safely take a cat hiking. I never would have thought of all those details like sunscreen and insect repellent. Cats deserve to have fun in the wild too!

    1. It is nice to see someone who thinks that cats deserve some fun too. You are welcome for the suggestion and be on the lookout for more to come. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Dovey,

    This is a great article. In the past, I had a couple of cats and didn’t realize that you could actually take them out for a hike. It’s also a great way to get them to exercise. I’ll recommend your post to cat lover friends that I know. I think they might be interested in bringing their kitty out to explore the great outdoors.


    1. It is a different thought for sure. I also think that if people realized that they can do things with their cats like you can with dogs, they would be more likely to adopt a cat. Thank you for the recommendation to your friends and for the comment.

  3. It is true that nobody hikes or walk with a cat. This is a good article! Hope to see someone walking with their cats one of this days!

    1. Believe or not, I have walked a cat once. Ok, I dragged for about six inches because when I put the leash on it and took a step, it played dead. I am older and more experienced now, I am sure I could have trained the kitty. Thank you for dropping by.

  4. Hi Dovey,

    A very succinct post on how to take a cat with you on a hike. I like the way you have encompassed all the aspects to be looked into before we take the cat on a hike. By reading this post anyone who owns a Cat can prepare themselves i.e. starting from training the cat, its carrier, sunscreen and finally the poop bag. Very informative and helpful, thanks for sharing and looking forward for more such post.

    1. Thank you, Satish. I work hard to provide as much information as I can. Thank you for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment.

  5. Years ago I used to rent a cottage on a large farm that was on a peninsula overlooking a beach on one side. It was a 20-minute walk down to the rocky beach and then 30 minutes back up again. When we first started walking around the farm and down to the beach we noticed that our cat was never far away. He followed us in ‘stealth’ mode, trying to remain hidden behind all the bushes, rocks and whatever else he could fit behind. That was until he got tired, and then, of course, the meowing started. This was his signal to us that it was time we carried him!
    So we would carry him until he spotted something worth chasing at which point he will thrust himself out of my arms, nearly knocking me over, to chase whatever caught his attention.
    All great fun. I highly recommend taking any pets with you on an outing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love this story! What a beautiful picture it paints. Thank you for sharing it with us. I agree that you should take your animals on different adventures. I have even been known to have experiences with my guinea pig Smackles from time to time.

  6. Thank you for your sharing here. I haven’t kept a cat. But it’s interesting to know that there are something to keep in mind when you hike with a cat. I like the way you included some products naturally in the article. I have never seen anyone who hike with a cat before. Actually cat owners can give a try.

    1. I have yet to see anyone hiking with a cat either. But when I was doing my research it is common enough that there was an article on how to handle other hikers’ reactions. In my perfect world, it would be as common to see people do things like this with their cat as it is to see people with their dogs. Thank you for stopping by!

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