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Cats Only Veterinary Hospital- The Only Choice

Cat only veterinarian hospitals

Have you ever walked into a vet clinic with your poor sick kitty locked in a carrier only to have every dog in the place lose their minds and begin barking? The dogs are jumping around and pulling at their leashes, trying to sniff the carry. Some dog owner might even let their Bow-wow take a sniff without any thought to what kind of stress that is putting on your already sick Mr. Fluffykins. There is a solution, try a cats only veterinary hospital. It is the only choice.

What Is A Cats Only Veterinary Hospital

The simple answer is that it is a veterinary clinic that has chosen to specialize in felines.Cats Only Vet Hospital

The longer answer is that it is a place where a kitty can go and not have to deal with other animals. It is a clinic that has chosen to focus on cats only; allowing the vets to specialize in cats. These clinics can range from large veterinary hospitals that have several vets to private practice clinics with one or two feline focused vets.

In summary, they are medical faculty that are dedicated to providing medical or surgical care for all cats. The vet’s clinics focus on the health and comfort of felines only, and because of their specialty they know and understand the unique health issues, temperaments, and anatomy of cats.

Why Choose A Cats Only Veterinary Hospital

If you were sick, would you see a veterinarian? No, you would not.

Why they have medical training? Most likely you would respond because their medical training is in animals and I am not an animal. My anatomy is different.

Exactly. This is the reason why you should choose a cats only vet clinic because your cat’s anatomy is different. The staff at these clinics have dedicated themselves to cats. They have studied cats and continue learning about the latest breakthroughs in kitty kat health.

A general vet, which I am not trying to fault here, has to know a little about every kind of animal. There is no way they know everything about each breed of animal. This creates a knowledge gap which could potentially put the health of your kitty at risk.

Think about it this way; I have a heart condition. My general M.D. did not diagnose me with it. He knew enough to refer me to a cardiologist but not enough to treat it. And that is perfectly understandable and expected. When it comes to the health of our fur babies, we expect a general vet to know and be able to treat whatever is wrong with them.

It would be much easier if we start by taking the furries to a cat specialist from the start.

Another great reason was mention in my opening paragraph. The stress level on your already compromised kitty can be significantly reduced if they are not surrounded by predators while trapped in a box. The environments of these offices are typically designed with cats in mind. They often provide a low key vibe with extra ventilation.

How To Find A Cats Only Veterinary Hospital

The obvious answer is to google “cat only veterinary hospitals near me.” There are, however, some less known ways of finding this fantastic option.

cat vet

American Association of Feline Practitioners is an association that vets who specialize in cats can join. This powerful group has developed a website dedicated to connecting cat owners to these specialized clinics.

The name of the site is Cat Friend Homes. (If you are interested in kitty websites, check out this article) The Cat Friend Homes website contains a lot of great information for cat owners. It is worth taking a few minutes and browsing.  What I want to draw your attention to is the “Find a Veterinarian or Practice” button towards the bottom. This will open up a search that you can use to look for cat only clinics in your area.

The Only Choice

Why do I say that a cat only clinic is the only choice?

It has to do with a personal experience. I went to our local vet to get shots for my cats. Now, I have not needed to take Olivia or Honey Mittens to the vet in years. They are healthy; indoor pamper kitties. But we installed a dog door, and I was afraid they would go outside. I decided they needed a rabies shot.

Not thinking anything about it, I take them to the same vet we take our dogs. I mean, he has always taken good care of Micro, so there should not be a problem, right?

Well, on the appointment day, I gather up my beloved felines. As I am putting them in their respective carriers, Honey Mitten escapes and runs off. I search for about ten minutes, then give up. If a cat does not want to be found, you are never going to find them. I decide I will just reschedule his appointment. I go ahead and take Olivia.

Once at the clinic, the vet comes in and does his vet thing, examines her, checks her teeth, and gives her a shot. We placed her back into the cage, and I go to check out. When I look over at Olivia, she is drooling. I ask the attendant checking me out if that was normal.

CatShe goes back to ask the vet, and here is how the conversation went:

Attendant: “That cat you saw is drooling.”

Vet: “You mean the dog” (The dog, what? I am the only one in the office, and saw him less than a minute ago)

Attendant: “No, the cat.”

This conversation goes back and forth, to the point she comes out and asks me if it is a dog or a cat in the carrier.

The reason for the drooling was he had something on his hands.

I am done at this point.

And that is why a cat hospital is the only choice. General vets are overwhelmed. And our kitties deserve better.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Have you been to a cat only clinic? What has been your vet experience? Drop me a line the comments and let me know.

As always be the light in the world

~ Dovey

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6 thoughts on “Cats Only Veterinary Hospital- The Only Choice

  1. Being an animal lover, but not an owner, learning of cat-centric veterinary clinics was an eye-opener for me. But I can see how that make sense.

    Family friends have two cats and when I show up at the house, one is gone like a shot, a very private cat who likes her space to be private and non-threatening.

    As I think back on the many dogs and cats our family has owned over the years, our dogs were often very rambunctious – not conducive to a quiet fur cleaning that many felines may prefer!

    Good idea!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from my readers. It was a foreign concept to me as well. After thinking about, it does make sense. In the end, it would make sense to find a specialized vet no matter what kind of animal you owned.

  2. Thanks for the informative post.

    I had no idea that there were animal-specific vet centers.

    I always assumed that all Vets specialized in general animal care.

    I suppose it now makes sense though as all animals are different.


    1. I was stunned why it never hit me that there should be a difference. I even knew that there were large animal vets and avian vets. Why do we assume that all other animals should be able to go to the same vet? It is madness, I tell you, madness.

  3. I do not have an animal now, but when I was younger we used to have a cat at home. I did love him. It was a man cat. It did pretty scare me, hearing about your experience out of the clinic, where the doctor had exchanged the cat for a dog. What if he would have given her some medicine causing her more troubles like when she entered his office?
    In this regards, I totally understand the need of going to specialize clinics, designated just for cats. It’s well done, that you provide with this informations on your blog. ( As I think I am not the only one, who did not know about cat’s clinic). Perfect and well done!!

    1. Thank you for your reply. The thought did hit me, that he could have given her the wrong medicine. It, also, hit me that he might need to take a vacation. If you even do decide to get another cat, please think about adopting. I wrote an article with Tips For Adopting A Shelter Cat.

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