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Daily Cat Pictures – Fall In Love Everyday

Daily Cat Pictures

Do you need more kitty pictures in your life? I mean after all, can you have too much cat? If you are like me, the answer is no. You can always use more kitties in your life. To help us, I have created this post of places to find daily cat pictures.

These websites are different then the sites I recommended in my post ‘Website for Cat Lovers‘ which are general cat lover’s websites. The blogs contained in … Read the rest

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Best Grumpy Cat Meme For Every Month

Grumpy Cat meme

In May of 2019, the world was saddened by the passing of Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat rose to fame because of all the sayings that sweet, grumpy face inspired. The meme brought people from all walks of life together in laughter. I have compiled a list of the Best Grumpy Cat Meme for every month.

Although she is gone, she is not forgotten.


A cold and blustery month that brings with the promise for a new year. Then again, … Read the rest

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Cat Breeds That Like Water – They Do Exist

cat breeds that like water

We all know that dogs love water. The internet is full of images of dogs splashing, swimming, and generally joining into the family water sports. But what about cats? Are all cats hissing scratching messes when introduced to water? No, there are cat breeds that like water.

Join me on a fabulous journey as we explore the breeds that break the stereotype. There are some other breeds that like water, I did not include them in this list. That is … Read the rest

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Famous People Who Love Cats AKA Famous Cat Lovers

famous people who love cats

I am a crazy cat lover, and sometimes I can feel alone. The feeling caused me to do some research on famous people who love cats. I learned that we are not alone; there are many famous cat lovers throughout history. This list is by no means all the famous people throughout history who loved cats. Just a few, I hand selected based on my personal preferences.

Feel free to go through the list.

Famous People Who Love

Katy Perry

Who they are/were:

Katy … Read the rest

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Pictures of Cat Breeds- Destress Now

I love anything, cat! When I am at work, and I can not break the stress by petting my felines, I always look at pictures of cat breeds. Seeing the difference in the kinds and cluttering my desk with images of these sweet babies work wonders at loosening my shoulders and slowing my heart rate. It is wondrous how the true cat lover enjoys looking at pictures of cats. It does not have to be our own.

If you are … Read the rest

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5 Purrfect Cat Websites for Cat Lovers

Cat Websites for Cat Lovers

Being a cat lover puts us in a unique tribe. We search the internet for like-minded people, often to end up on sites that do not meet our high expectations. That is why I have taken the time to find 5 purrfect cat websites for cat lovers.

As you can tell from my site, I am a cat lover. I have been one for many years now. It is essential for me to connect with other cat-loving people. As discussed … Read the rest

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Personality Traits of Cat People- Are You a Crazy Cat Lady?

personality traits of cat people

It may seem crazy that our preferred pet can have any relation to our personality traits, but numerous studies have proven it to be true. So, what does that mean for us? Does that mean that us, cat lovers, are doomed to be a crazy cat lady? Not at all. There are four dominant personality traits of cat people.

  1. Introverted
  2. Open
  3. Easily Stresses
  4. Curious

I will discuss each of these … Read the rest